Doodle Tribal Nails

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Hey y'all, so I am really excited about these nails! I know they don't look like "doodles" persay but I think doodles kinda depend on the person if that makes sense. Personally when I'm sitting and there is scrap paper and a pen I'm like to just start doodling a tribal design so that is how this look came about!

Last night when trying to come up with a design I just had no ideas. As a result of that I just picked out the colors I wanted and then started do a dotted gradient, and once that dried I still didn't really know what to do so I just did what came to mind as if I were doodling! 

Once I got going there were really fun to do! I do love a good tribal and I've never been that good at them so I keep trying to get better! :) Now for the colors I used! The light pink is Deco.Miami Don't Call Me Baby Girl, the coral is Posh Nail Color Beach Volleyball, and the light orange is Takko Lacquer Guava. :) All of which are gorgeous colors independently. Then the sparkle is Icing Sugar Coated.

All 3 have such fun bottle shapes, and just packaging in general! :)

Well that's it for this post! Hope y'all enjoyed these nails. Let me know what you thought below! Also what is your favorite thing to do in the summer? Mine is the beach for sure but a good pool day is always nice as well! I think today is actually going to be a pool day!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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