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Hello there guys! So today for you I have a big post you could say! I was sent some stamping things for review via the Born Pretty Store so that is today's post! It's in a bit of a different format. While I was testing all of the stamping things out I noted results of all of the trials in my notes in my phone so I am actually going to include them. It will be straight text from right after the trials! Then after all of that I will be sharing some other things so stay tuned! :) 

Here is a look at all of the items I recently received for review. One red sticky marshmallow stamper ID#21739, 1 clear stamper ID#26498, 1 black stamping polish ID#27268, a tribal stamping plate ID#29978, and a floral stamping plate ID#29548. Now here are the notes I took while using all of the items....

BPS stamping adventure Log

Saturday - Package arrived

Ok guys! So for this review I am going to do something a bit different since it's not your typical polish review and it's a item/tool review! This is straight from my notes in my phone so it's written right after the tests and trials! 

Saturday evening:
So it's Saturday night and my BPS package has arrived! It's been a bit of a lazy day and sadly I have a slight headache so I think tonight I'm just going to swatch a new polish for y'all and then do the full stamping process/review tomorrow.

Saturday Night:
Ok so it's gotten really late thanks to binge watching Smallville so definitely going to just swatch! But I think while I wait for my swatch to dry I may play with the stamper a bit on my other hand just to see if it works! I've been pretty excited about trying to stamp again! Plus with what I've seen on Instagram with these types of stampers they look promising!🙂 

Ok, just took the marshmallow stamper out of the package and it feels super greasy. The part you hold on to is metal and it's literally sliding out of my hand when I pick it up! Ew, now my hand feels greasy! 

Now I've wiped it off and got the flower plate ready to go! Also I used a lint roller on the stamper like they suggest you use to clean it before using. According to the site no priming is needed. So here we go.

Trial one = nothing... Rolled the stamper on top of the design and it didn't pick up anything. Gonna clean up the plate and try again. Maybe this stamping polish dries faster than I was thinking. The do mention stamping polish dries fast in the Research I did before attempting.

Trial two = nada. Tried just put if the marshmallows stamper down onto the plate and pushing down, and still nothing.

Trial three = Trying to use Zoya Willa as a stamping polish instead. It's a pretty thick polish and supposively thick polishes are the good ones to stamp with. ---- Nope! 

Trial four = Gonna use the clear stamper now, the head is a bit crooked. So I have to put it out a bit and technically we aren't supposed to touch the stamper but I can't put it out because the part where one would typically push it out is closed. Ok now gonna go over with the lint roller. Back to the stamping polish ------ Nope. 

Ok well I'm about out of time for tonight. Guess I will try again tomorrow. I really want this to work! I'm now wondering if the issue is this plate? Maybe the indentions aren't deep enough and when I scrape the excess polish off it pulls to much and there is barely anything to pick up with the stamper? I've been noticing that the polish doesn't clean off the plate that well. Leaves a black stain it seems.

Sunday Morning

Ok! Just put on a holo polish go hopefully stamp on! 

Trial 1 = going to use the square tribal plate, maybe last nights issue was the plate! (Crossing my fingers!) Also I'm just going to used the marshmallow stamper and the black stamping polish. ----- Ok this is a start. It picked up a few fragments. I did roll the stamp to apply the design which I did majority of last night. Which this is making me really think it's the plate.... What if the plate isn't level in the indentions, and that's the issue! 

Trial 2 = using same methods as last trial.... A little fragment picked up. Nothing worth putting on my nail.

Trial 3 = Going to try a thick polish I own. Everything else the same as last time. ----- Nope.

Ok well if I keep trying this right now I will probably get fed up and give up. But I don't want to do that, so I'm going to stop and try again tonight.

As of this very moment I have a few scenarios as to what the issue could be...

1. The plates aren't deep enough and or they are uneven which is why only fragments are coming up?
2. The marshmallow stamper is ruined do to the greasiness it had when I opened it. From searching I have done you do not want to even get ur stamper oily a lot of companies even were gloves while inspection because touching a stamper pad can ruin the stamper. So it's possible the greasiness has ruined the stamper .       
3. I am incapable of stamping. 😂

#2 doesn't explain why the clear stamper isn't working. Which brings me back to theirs sue being the plate. I will have to play with the clear stamper tonight and see how it reacts to the square plate. Ugh, I really hope this works because I was really looking forward to this! 

Sunday Night

Ok so I've asked around to some I know that are good at stamping and everyone is in agreement that the fact the one was greasy is really odd. So each suggested cleaning it , the stamper and the plate, with rubbing alcohol. So with nothing to loose I tried it. So here are some results of the trial runs.

The first set of trials use the marshmallow stamper, both plates and the stamping specific polish.

Trial 1 = rolled the stamper on to the plate and I picked up a few fragments. More than any other time but still couldn't make out the design. (Flower Plate)

Trial 2 =  cleaned everything again. rolled the stamper over the design, more fragments. Not enough to see a real design. (Flower plate)

Trial 3 = cleaned everything again. Nothing picked up at all this time. (Flower plate)

Trial 4 = Cleaned everything and got out the tribal plate. Nothing picked up.

Trial 5 = Cleaned everything, again nothing but little fragments. 

Now I have switched to the clear stamper. Used the black stamping polish and both plates

Trial 1 = rolled stamper on to design and rolled it back and fourth because the stamper head kept going further into the part you hold on to. Fragments of the design showed up, but you couldn't actually make out the design. Flower Plate

Trial 2 = cleaned everything, and just like last time, nothing showed but a few little specks.

Trial 3 = Switched to tribal plate and cleaned everything. Rolled stamper on top of the polish but nothing showed up. However the plate made indentions on the stamper head so you could see the design but no polish was with it.

Trial 4 = Same as trial 2, nothing but fragments.

Trial 5 = Started with everything clean but nothing came up. 

So sadly at no point out of all of my attempts got me a good result. I have been looking for others thoughts on these stampers people have seemed to of had good results. However I noticed that all of those who had good results were not using BPS plates, so I am now definitely thinking the main issue may be the plates. Along with the one stamper head that came out of the packaging all greasy and icky. I don't really have any other plates to test it with that I know are good or not so I can't exactly test that for you right now. I do however really believe the plates may be at fault. That being said I am not going to give up on the stampers themselves. When I get to a point where I feel like taking on stamping again after this flop I will try them again and hopefully I can report back and confirm that the issue here was the plates. If y'all have any tips or tricks that you suggest I try I would love to hear them so maybe I can get this to work. Also if any of you have used BPS stamping plates have you ever run into this issue? Here are just a few of the photos. I could of taken pictures everyone but honestly they would mainly all look the same.

I really badly wanted this to work. I have really been wanting to get into stamping but this just wasn't a great experience. Not at all encouraging so I'm sorry about that! Yet now if you are testing things out and just can't get it to work you can now see you are not alone for sure right? 

In preparation for stamping I applied Color Club Harp On It as my base color! It was my first holo polish and it's just really pretty plus I thought a stamped design would look neat over it but that's not happening today.

However I can close up this post with a fun holo mani right?! Holo can brighten everyone's day so hopefully it's making you smile at least! After trying to stamp for ever and it not working I still really wanted art! So I pulled out a Twinkled T vinyl and got all mermaid-y!

 I used China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise for the mermaid scales and then added a red accent nail. The red is Serendipity Big Red Bow. I then added a fun shell decal I got last summer from BPS. It's really fun and worked perfect for this mani. Which is great that I could include it in this post because I really wanted to make something positive.

Overall I know this post wasn't all good news but I really feel like the stamper/plates were very tried and tested. Then I still had a holo base on and I got to make it fun! :) Which makes me happy! I hope you all liked the mermaid nails. :) If you want to get a shell decal like the one I used in this mani you can get 10% off at the Born Pretty Store using 25SPW10. Well I hope you all liked this post, and maybe it helped you in some way! Also I have some really neat things coming soon so I'm excited about that! So be sure to check back tomorrow for sown thing neat! :)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


  1. I've also had no luck with the squishy stamper heads from BPS. The clear stamper was somewhat workable but tricky compared to my Original Creative Shop stamper - that is the easiest stamper I have ever used. With any slimy stamper I always wash them a couple times in detergent - wiping with alcohol is not enough. They need to be squeaky clean.

    1. Ah! So relieved to see I'm not the only one who has had issues! Yay! Well not that we both had issues with it but in the fact its not just me! Haha! :) Ooo, I may have to check that one out. I do really want to try stamping, and have something to actually stamp on my stamper!


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