Safari Sunset Nail Art

Hello there everyone, hope you are having a fabulous day! I am really excited for today post because I have tried another landscape mani! 🙂 I am having so much fun branching out and trying these! So let's get to the pics and I will tell ya more about them!

These nails were a lot of fun and I am really happy about how they turned out! The inspiration for these came from a mani done by the landscape nail art Queen Narmai! Literally her landscapes are always perfection and so inspiring! Typically when I do manis inspired by another artist I don't end up liking them I am really hard on myself. I have recently tried to fix that. When I see a mani I want to recreate I try and just do a mani inspired by it, I don't try to remake it "word for word" I just do my best. I then don't compare them afterwards. I mean of course I look and at them both and see difference but I don't let it bother me because I think of what would happen if I let that bother me. If I let the fact they don't match perfectly get in my head I am then going to be less likely to try again, and less likely to keep trying new things. So now when I see a mani I want to recreate even if it looks intimidating I go ahead and try it. This way I'm practicing and getting better and then who knows maybe one day it will look like a recreation! 😉

Now as for how I did these!! I used Serendipity Peace Love and Sandy Feet as a good neutral/Sandy base color! Then on top I used acrylic paints I mixed to achieve the exact colors I wanted! :) I used 2 different brushes. One front Twinkled T and one from Winstonia. The Winstonia one is from the Berry Wine Set! I then topped it all with Seche Vite Shiny Top coat, however this would look good with a matte top as well.

Well that's it for this post! I hope y'all have liked/enjoyed this mani! I am enjoying it, and I am just really enjoying doing this different type of mani! This and the last so many beach one were/are so much fun! 🙂

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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