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Hey y'all, happy Saturday! Hope you are having a nice morning this far! I have a new to me brand to share with y'all today and I will tell you now I have nothing but good things to say! :)

Meet Sunny Boy by I • Scream • Nails!! First off I will start by saying I am loving this polish! I am not such an orange fan but I see me using this one a lot! The formula is FABULOUS! Seriously I have never used a neon with such a nice formula. It only needed 2 coats! I probably could of gotten away with one if I hadn't tried the first coat so light like I always do when trying a new polish. So next time I will do it with my regular thickness of a coat and it will be a one coater for sure! Saying a neon and one coater in the same sentence is not down thing I have ever said before, so I am honestly so so impressed!

It went on flawlessly and dried nice. Also it dried shiny! Which isn't normal for a neon at all so there is another thing that was unexpected! I derailing just can't get over how amazing the formula was. I don't thing I have ever been this impressed by a neon before! Usually I love the color and just "work" with the formula but not with this one!

So I now really want to just get every color by I • Scream • Nails because if they are all like this I would just be one happy neon lover! Haha! Plus can we just take a moment and gush over the bottle! It's so stinkin adorable! It looks like an ice cream cone and that is just one of the neat bottles ever! Even the play on words in the name of company of brilliant! I would love to come up with cute names like that for every blog post title! Really tho, that would just be great and entertaining! However I would then spend too much time on the title alone! Haha!!

Now here we have some art!!! I was thinking ooooo, a tribal, or a palm tree mani would look great on this polish! However that just seemed very predictable so I went with a floral! Now with it being me and all y'all probably could predict the floral but I feel like with this color it isn't expected so that's what I did! 😊 It was super fun to do challenge myself and do a flora on such a bold color!

That's it for this post y'all! I hope you have enjoyed it! If you want to pick up this beauty named Sunny Boy  you can right HERE. Live Love Polish is one of the places you can get this one here, it's actually a polish from Australia which is neat! Also fun fact incase you aren't familiar with Live Love Polish, they only carry products that are 100% Cruelty Free and do not contain formaldehyde, touluene, or dibutyl phthalate. Which is a great standard for a company! :) hope y'all have a lovely rest of your day and I will see you back here for my 500th blog post!! ❤️

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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