Monthly July Favorites + Summer Collab

Hey y'all! I honestly just can't believe it's time for a monthly favorites already?! Where in the world did this month go? I seriously don't want it to be over, and I can't believe it is! Now the shock of the end of July aside I have a pretty fun post for y'all in my opinion and I've actually been working on parts of it for awhile now, a new feature I hope to have in my posts more often! Now let's get into my favorites!

Ah, so many fave things this month! Not all necessarily new but just used a lot recently! :) I've been writing a lot more too so I thought I would share my cute notebook I've been writing in! I don't know about you but I can't resist gold dots! First up lets talk about the polishes!

These polishes have been just great to work with! I debated on putting in I Scream Nails Sunny Boy because I'm not typically an orange polish fan. That being said I mainly included it because I'm in love with the quality/formula! I am so so so impressed by this polish! Seriously the best neon formula I've used by far! You much check out its post here. Also if you want to get one for yourself you can here. Then the next polish is Beach Volleyball by Posh Nail Color and it's like the perfect coral polish which coral happens to be a favorite color of mine! The quality of this polish is amazing too! I wore it on my right hand for 2 weeks and only had growth which is amazing! I am really enjoying this polish for sure so I knew it had to be a part of this post! :)

Next up my favorite or my most used makeup this month! First up is this NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Istanbul! I am pretty sure this has already been in a faves post but it has been my go to lip product all summer! It's the perfect neutral pink that allows you to wear it with so many different colors. Plus it's long lasting and actually not drying. I am just loving it! I am thinking I may have to try some fall shades in the same line when that time comes! 

Next up I have shown y'all 2 Colourpop shadows! Ah, first off I love every shadow by them I own! Colourpop makes the best shadows with such great pigment and not much fall out of any so I love that! The two I have been using a lot this month are Central Perk, yes as in THE Friends Central Perk, and Puppy Love. Central perk is a Marsala shade which I have been using in my crease, and then puppy love is just a great over all shimmery color! I am sad to say, you can't get Puppy Love anymore. It was a limited time shadow and actually it's proceeds went to help animals so I thought that was fabulous! I would totally love if they brought it back and did that again, I would probably order 2! Haha!!

Here is a bit of a closer look to the eyeshadow palette I've been using most often this month. It's not a certain "brand" persay. It was one Urban Outfitters had out last summer that I just loved and got! It's really filled with great neutral colors and all of them go one great! They are nicely pigmented, blend well, and don't have much fall out. I really wish it had a name, and I knew what company made it because I would love other ones with this same quality. It's just like Urban Outfitters polish, so great, yet no name! Haha, someone should find out who is making these things and share!! (Also the weird dents are a result of thinking the lid was shut when it wasn't! ) 

Ah, so this month I've been working on writing a lot more and this note book has gold dots so I had to put it in. Plus I've really been enjoying working on a story. It's been fun! What I am working on at the moment is unlike anything I've really done before and that is refreshing. :) Now as you have probably noticed there are some headphones in the pic as well! Well those are the best headphone ever! Haha, I do LOVE my music and I LOVE good bass to go with and that's what these do! :) I'm pretty sure y'all know I LOVE music! It's always on when I'm painting, it's always on when ever I am doing anything. Music to me is a necessity, and I always have to have it. Plus I love so many types. I'm really excited for this part of the post because I've now found a way I can share a playlist of some of my favorites songs I've been listening too.  So check that out below!! I hope y'all find some new to you songs that you really like. There are so many of my favorite artists in this list too! Also I have met many of them and they are some of the nicest people you can meet.

Check out Julys Favorite Playlist Right HERE.

Next up is some nail art! Today I've gotten together to do some nail art with the Nail Art Squad! We all decided to do a mani that makes us think of summer! So of course I did some Palm Trees because I have a palm tree obsession and I'm not afraid to admit it either! Haha!! This look was inspired by Nailallie via Instagram! For the gradation I used all 3 Serendipity polishes, and they are; Vitamin Sea, Pink Poinsettia, and Summer Sunnies

Here is our collab photo and below is the list of all of those included! :)

Polished_yogi  (not this time)
PolishandBeyond (not this time)
nail_art_inspirer (not this time)
Lacqueredmama (not this time )
LaLaLoveNailArt (not this time)
RockYourNails (not this time)
Journailism (not this time)
RuthsNailArt (noth this time)
Anas_Manis (not this time)

Well that's it for this post. I hope y'all have enjoyed it and I hope you enjoy the music! I am loving the fact I'm now getting to throw my love of music in on these posts! Y'all will have to let me know if I should keep it up! ;) A lot of new things coming to the blog over the next few days so be on the look out for new and different things!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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