Ocean Sunsets

Hey y'all! Hope you are having a fabulous morning! :) I am so so excited about today's post! It's a mix of two things I love so I'm just super excited to share it with you! Also as I am writing this I am listening to some great happy summer music and ah, the combo of it, these nails and the inspiration just make me so happy! So let's get into today's lengthy post! ;)

So first off today's nails started with a gradation which I am obsessed with!! Seriously after I did this gradation I was so happy! The color combo was just great and it really just makes you smile! Totally feels like a great summer mani!

Color wise for the gradation I used 3 China Glaze polishes! Now going from the cuticle down I used... UV Meant to Be, Shocking Pink, and then Spring In my Step. Some of these may be a bit hard to find in stores but HB Beauty Bar is likely to have all of them at a very great price too! I love ordering from them. :) These colors really just worked perfectly for today's mani and I am just obsessed with this combo! Literally last night I was sending pics of them to my friends and the caption was "I'm so obsessed with these"!! Lol!! I think this color combo is a keeper! Now next up before I show you the up close art pic I'm gonna show you what I was inspired by!

Last Friday night we drove down the coast a bit and met some friends for dinner in a cute little beach town. After dinner there was a town festival going on so we walked around! It was so much fun catching up with old friends, exploring a cute little beach town and then watching this stunning sunset over the Atlantic Ocean. It was a wonderful night and this sunset was just gorgeous! Literally I took so many pictures that night. It was really a great night and it ended with ice cream by the ocean! :) That all being said I have all of these fun pictures from that night and the day before that from last week in my camera roll so I decided to do nails inspired by one of the pictures. :)

Are they exact? Absolutely not but I am still happy with how this mani turned out! It really does capture a fun summer Florida sunset. :) I wish I could be on the ocean every night for sunset could you imagine?! My camera roll would be full 24/7 haha!!!

I really love going out on little adventures like we did last Friday along with just even a simple beach trips! Being near the ocean is just inspiring! I'm not sure how to really explain it but it is. Along side nail art I enjoy writing a lot and well we all get writers block but after a trip to the beach it's like a flood of new ideas which is something I love. So needless to say I love the beach and where I live! :)

Well loves, that's it for this post! I truly hope y'all have enjoyed this post! I loved doing this mani and getting to share a non nail pic. Let me know what y'all thought of this post and maybe I will just have to do more like this. Also for fun let me know what what inspires you! :)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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