Rocky Beach Nails

Hey y'all, happy weekend?! Anyone have any fun plans! According to the weather channel it looks like it's pretty hot everywhere so I hope you are keeping cool! Today I am super excited because my nails are once again beach and inspired by an actual place I went last month. So let's get to this post because I am so excited!

These nails I had in my head all day yesterday and I was so afraid they weren't going to work but they did and I am thrilled about it! These nails are based off Washington Oaks State Park which is in the Palm Coast area of Florida! :) we went down there last month with some friends and had a fabulous time! The beach is much different than your typical "Florida Beach". It has big coquina rocks on it and they are big enough and weathered enough so they are smooth enough to walk/climb on. :) During certain times of the day depending on the moon placement and the tide levels and such they are partially under water. Other times the water is just in parts of it. So when you are climbing on then you have the chance to find neat shells and such. I found a conch, however it was alone so it stayed put! 😊 Also since it is coquina rock you could see shells within the rock because coquina rock is made up of shells.

Here is an actual picture from Washington Oaks Stare park that I took while climbing on the rocks! :) I absolutely love taking pictures and exploring places in Florida. This one was a much different beach than what I am used to so it was fun to have another photo subject matter. 

Here is another one too! This one is from when we first got to the beach and the tide was out. By the time we were getting ready to head back to out beach towels for our picnic lunch the tide was coming in and going over the rocks. :) 
It was fun to photograph!

Now I think from those two photos I just shared you can hopefully see how I tired to make this mani look like the place. Is it perfect, absolutely not but I am still really happy. It was a super fun design to paint actually. I am still intimidated by scenery nails but I love them and doing things like these are just so fun and satisfying. :)

Now all of that being said, it's your turn! What do y'all think of these Washington Oaks State Park inspired nails? Also be sure to check out yesterday's post here and join in on #SweetpeasSunriseChallenge on Instagram! I hope y'all have a fabulous Saturday and I will see y'all back here tomorrow! ❤️

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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