Sunrise on the East Coast

Good morning loves! Hope you are having a beautiful morning. :) I hope y'all enjoyed yesterday's post! I loved them so much that I almost didn't want to take them off however I wanted to paint! So I just decided to paint a sunrise! :) Which of course it has to be over the ocean right! ;)

Back in 2014 I painted a sunrise on a canvas and I have it up in my room and I've always thought, I should turn that into nails, yet I never have! So that is what this is!  :) However these nails are much better than the painting, haha!! I still love the painting though because on the edges of the canvas I wrote some of my favorite quotes! That being said I thought I would share one of them with y'all! It's "Don't let the world change your smile, let your smile change the world". Isn't that just great!? I love it! Plus it seemed fitting to put with a sunrise because for me a sunrise puts a smile on my face, especially when you are on the beach actually watching it! It's the best time to be on the beach along with sunset!

For these I started with a white base and then I free handed the rest with mixed paints and watered down paints and I had so much fun! There is just something about creating a mani like this. It's almost relaxing in a way. I guess because there is no right or wrong. With that there isn't any pressure to make it perfect, because there is no perfect. You just keep adding and mixing until you are happy and content with what you are doing! So for any nail artist out there if your feeling like your in a nail art rut, or you want to do something out of your comfort zone I challenge you to create your very own sunrise mani and post it on IG with #SweetpeasSunrisechallenge so I can see them all and feature some! :) I love seeing sunrise manis, plus I think this could be fun for all of us to come together and create a sunrise mani. Plus I think it's something anyone of an nail art skill level can do! Plus making it your own and having no standards of what it's supposed to look like is the best, so when you do your mani just do what comes to mind, don't compare to others! Just create your own masterpiece! ❤️

Well that's it for this post! I hope y'all have enjoyed it and I hope you guys will take some time this weekend and create a mani for #SweetpeasSunriseChallenge just for something fun and to get yourself to try something new!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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