China Glaze Red-y to Rave Tribal Art

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Hello there, hope you are having a nice day! Today's post has a swatch of a new to me color, and this tribal art that you are seeing above this!

So I was Sally's the other day hoping the BOGO sale was going on but I didn't get there in time. 😔 However they had this China Glaze on sale for $0.69! I didn't have it, and I love neon China Glazes so I had to get it! I mean how could you pass up that price! This is China Glaze Red-y To Rave So this is one coat! The whole one coat factor really shocked me! I wasn't expecting that at all so that was a nice surprise! 😊

The formula was thicker than most China Glaze Neons but I tend to really like thicker formulas. However there is a thing as too thick but this one seemed to be just right! So for anyone who has used China Glazes but didn't like the thin formula check this one out! I think y'all will like it!

After the swatch I tried it in a gradation! The yellow is INM Hey Sunshine, the Orange is I Scream Nails Sunny Boy, and the deeper red orange is China Glaze Red-y to Rave. The white is Shery' Lillie. The black is Takko Lacquer Iconoclastic. 😊 The tribal art was freehanded with acrylic paint! Also just a tip... If you are looking for Red-y to Rave and cant find it in store or on sale for anything less than full price I would check HB Beauty Bar. It can be found here for $5.25 which is better than full price. Its unusual that I actually got a CG polish in store, because I usually just get them on HB Beauty Bar but this was just a impulse buy.

The colors worked really nicely for the gradation! I could definitely see using them all together for a sunset gradation. 😊 Well that's it for this post! Hope y'all have enjoyed this look and this swatch. Will see y'all back here for tomorrow's post!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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