Funky Watermarble Nails

Hey there guys! Today I have some funky Watermarble nails that didn't really go as I hoped yet at the same time there is some weird part that I kind of like. I'm thinking it may be the color combo that I like! Which I didn't actually come up with! These were done as a collaboration, so let's check it out!

I did this Watermarble as twin nails with the very talented Dac.ia! Ok so twin might not be the right word to use because they look nothing alike! They just have the same colors and both were done with the same method. Her's turned out fabulous, mine not so much. 😂 

Mine kind of look like what you get when you put paint on shaving cream, swirl it and then put paper on it. Haha, so nothing too special and definitely not what I was hoping for.

The pink is China Glaze Rich & Famous, the gold is an unnamed mink Zoya, and the white is Shery' Lillie. When I dropped the pink into the water is spread funny, it spread out fragmented. Really strange, you can kind of see it on the pinkie nail how the pink isn't all the same intensity.

In attempt to make these "better" and not completely redo them I decided to frame them. At first I thought oh I could turn these into geode nails, but not really so I just too the framing concept and ran with it.

After the black frame, I then added a gold frame on the edge. Next up I then used parts of Formula X Out of Sight, and placed the gold flecks on the nails. 😊

I'm not sure exactly what these are persay but it's kind of an interesting look. I think it would look really neat with longer nails! I just shortened my nails before this mani not knowing that the longer would of been better. 😊 Well that's it for this post. I hope you all enjoyed this post and their failed marble turned something else.

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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