Flamingo Nails

Hey y'all, hope you are having a nice weekend! Today I have finally done Flamingo nails. I still can't believe I haven't really ever don't flamingo nails before. I did a For The Foxes mani once and their logo had a flamingo but that didn't really count in my opinion! Haha! Well anyway let's check these out!

These were inspired by a mani I saw on Pinterest! They didn't have a watermark on them so I don't know who they were originally by. I changed then a bit up in the colors and the dots but if you recognize the main concept and know the original artist please let me know so I can mention her! :)

The base white is INM White Porcelain and the rest is acrylic paint! All freehanded, and it was pretty fun!

Well I hope y'all like these! I am obsessed with prints with flamingos actually! Not sure why, but I am! Ha, I have actually been painting on things other than nails and I did a water color flamingo and it was really fun! Maybe I will have to take a photo and show ya. :) See y'all back here tomorrow, hope you have a lovely rest of your weekend. 

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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