Pineapple Print

Hey there guys! Hope you are having a good day so far! It seems that I have a tropical theme going on, yesterday with the flamingos and now some pineapples! :)

Found a super cute pineapple print on Pinterest and I just had to turn it into nails! Plus I've had a pineapple obsession this year so it all went together well! Ha!

For these I used Deco Miami Petite Palm. It's been awhile since I've used it and I forgot how much I like it! Great easy to use formula. :)

So you know the book I've been working on?! Well this weekend I was really getting into it and having fun! I actually decided to make a Pinterest board of picture for the book. So for instance I will mention these fun pineapple shaped lights and you can actually see what I was picturing when I wrote that part on the Pinterest board! It's kind of a cool concept! Just like when I write I listen to music so I am actually going to share the songs that I listen to when I write the story in a playlist on Spotify. It should be fun! It's kinda of fun sharing it with you guys so I hope y'all have checked it out! :)

Well that's it for this post! I hope y'all have enjoyed this mani and random info! :) These were fun to do, and ah I'm just loving these pineapples! Haha! Anyone else liking pineapples this summer!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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