Holo Pigment Nails

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Hello there guys! Today I have the holo powder to share with y'all! It worked a bit different from the chrome one. So be sure to read the post, I did many attempts before I got it to work this way!

So for this I did end up using gel once again. Tomorrow's post will have a detailed description of 4 different non gel ways that didn't work just so you know. Along with the more testing I am going to do after I finish writing this post! 😉 

I started with a peel off base because as you all know I am not a gel fan. So a peel off base is fabulous and easy to use, and when you peel off it leaves your nails in the condition it was in before you put it on! 😊 Then I did 2 layers of the black gel polish with the light in between each coat. After that you buff the pigment in. I tried many times to put on top coat then go over with the alcohol and then use the pigment like I did for the mirror one but that did not work for this pigment. You had to leave it sticky. Then after you are all done with the buffing of the holo pigment you add your top coat, cure it and then you are done and have some intense holo nails.

It's really pretty but I personally don't think it's worth it if you have to wear gel. Any holo polish works for me just as well. It's lovely but if you aren't a gel person I don't think your really missing out. So what do y'all think? Also I am holding My Seche Vite Top Coat, however it was not used in the making of this manicure at all just so ya know! :)

Now if you are interested in trying out the holo pigment you can here. The Born Pretty Store does have it for a much affordable price from what I've seen other places selling these pigments/powders for. Also y'all can use 25SPW10  for a 10% off discount! :)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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