Born Pretty Store Shifting Polish

Press Sample

Hey y'all! Hope you are having a nice day so far. :) Today I'm taking a break from the powders and I am swatching a polish from the Born Pretty Store so let's check it out!

This beautiful polish sadly doesn't have a name, just a number which is 219! I was impressed with this polish. In the past I haven't been impressed with their polishes but this one is really nice! It was a 2 coater and went on really nicely. I was happily surprised. :)

Here is a pic of it just moved in the same light so each pic the lighting is judging hitting different angle which lets you see all of the colors this shifts to in the light. It's really neat and pretty!!

Over all I am super impressed with this polish! Y'all can find it here and y'all can use 25SPW10  for a 10% off discount! Hope ya'll have enjoyed this post! If  ya'll have any questions let me know below! Also if you missed out on yesterdays post which was the chrome nails you can see it here. I am working on the other powder pigment posts for tomorrow! ;)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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