Monthly August Favorites

Hey there guys, so I know I say this basically every month but this month truly has flown by! Seriously it seems like my birthday was just the other week which would of been the 12th but here I am sitting writing this and it's August 31st! This is crazy!! Haha, where in the world has time gone! This monthly faves post isn't going to be as elaborate as I had hope because this week has just been so busy but I hope to fix that this next month and I hope to start working on videos again! I am super excited about that. :) Well enough about that, let's see why I have been loving this month! 

This months faves have been major "go to a" this month! Some have been reviewed already on the blog and others haven't and will be in the future! :) Now in addition to these items last month I decided to start sharing a playlist of my favorite songs, which I have here.  So many songs this month! I found some new artists, and some of my go to people had some new music out too so that was nice! :) One of my favorites out of those tho would have to be Tayler Buonos Something About You! Such a good and fun song! It just came out on iTunes too so I've been listening to it a lot! ;)

First up I have a new fave eyeshadow palette that I got for my Birthday! This is the Affirmation by Makeup Revolution. They refer to them as "ultra eyeshadows" and within this palette you get 32 shades, a mix of matte and shimmers. I haven't used every color yet but all of the ones I have used I have loved! Great pigmentation, and they last! I haven't done swatches of these but I am considering doing that for a post in September? What do y'all think, would you like to know more about these shadows? I personally love them! :) ❤️

This month I have found multiple lippies that I've loved, so in order to keep it down a bit I chose 2 to share today and the others will probably be what you see next month! Ha, color wise I decided to share the brighter ones since it is still summer at the moment! :) The top one is one of the Make Up For Ever lipsticks I reviewed here. This one is C211 and I love it so so much! It's a fabulous neutral, and it wears so nicely. I usually find cremes don't last all well on me but this one lasts fabulously. I love to wear Marsala clothes and when I do I find it hard to find a neutral enough lippie to wear with but I have found this one is perfect which is great! Now the color underneath it is an NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme in the color San Paulo. (It's a bit more pink in person.) I picked this one up because I needed a darker pink. All of my colors were either light summery pink or reds or deep burgundys. When I found this one I thought it would be a good I between seasons color. Where you don't want to wear that light summer color and yet you're not ready for dark winter colors either, this one is perfect! So far I love it! One of my faves I featured a while back is the same line and I've really just become fond of this formula.

Now polish wise in the top picture I shared 2 polishes. One was Serendipity Nail Polish CE0,000,000 because well for one it's gorgeous and because it's probably my favorite "fall" polish I have seen so far this year. :) I also showed INM White Porcelain which is what I used as my base color in the mani above! :)

On top of the white polish I used some watered down acrylic paints and just splashed some color here and there to have a water color effect, and then added some zentangle styled art. :) This month I've been getting into water color art on things besides nails which maybe I will get to show y'all soon! I'm still practicing but it's all fun. :)

Well that's it for this post! I hope y'all have enjoyed it and hope you have had a nice August! :) We are heading out of August with a tropical weather statement and a possible tropical storm/ hurricane heading our way within the next 48 hours so it shall be an interesting next few days! Now I know there are a multiple storms being watched (I'm a big weather channel Fan) so I just want to say I hope y'all stay safe and indoors! :) I will see y'all back here tomorrow. :)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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