Tropical Floral Print

Hey there guys, hope you are having a nice day. Today I have another print like mani and today it's a floral and a tropical one at that! So let's check it out!

For these I used 2 coats of Deco Miami Don't Call Me Baby Girl. It's a lovely light pink that is super nice and great for any season in my opinion! I know stores are all getting in the fall mode which is making me want to pull out some leggings and oversized sweaters, but I don't want to let go of summer either. August is probably one of my least favorite months because it's the transition away from my favorite season. Ha! Now moving on... :)

These I just made up as I went! They weren't planned or based off anything, it all just came together after pulling out random colors. All of the art was done with acrylic paint, Berry wine brushes and random dotters.

Well that's it for today! Hope you have enjoyed this quick floral post. :) So are y'all ready to let go of summer and move into fall or do you want summer to last a bit longer?

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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