Serendipity Nail Polish Call Me Boss Lady Collection: Building my Empire

Press Sample

Hey y'all, guess what?! I'm back with another brand new Serendipity Nail Polish! Now I have a few go to blacks, all of which have to fit the one coat category and not hard to remove and guess what?! This one is one of those! 

This is one coat of Building My Empire! It's such a nice black, with a great formula! I am so so happy they have released a black polish! I'm not one who wears black polish solo but I used it a lot as an accent or as a nail art base so having this will be helpful! Will throw it into my rotation of my perfect blacks! Hum, maybe sometime I should creat a post on my fave black polishes! What do y'all think?

Here is another picture of it solo! Next up I have added some art! The art is a take on the Northern Lights inspired by lieve91 via Instagram.

For the art I used all acrylic paint. A mix of straight colors and watered down colors. It was a fun mani to do because the lines are supposed to be perfect! I love manis like that because they aren't stressful. :) These are far from perfect, but I am pretty happy with how they turned out!

I had considered doing a galaxy on this black but I have a confession... I don't like Galaxy nails! Well let me restate that, I'm not huge on Galaxy nails. I love seeing others, and think they look really neat but when I first started nail art I did them often. Now due to that they have kind of lost their "wow" factor. I love doing a mani that I will look down at my nails and smile at, and be proud of and think they are special. However Galaxy nails just do that for me personally anymore. Weird I know but I love having a "wow" factor and those don't now.

Well that's it for now! This beauty is now on sale for only $6! Which is a great price! Plus you will find that the bottles are a great size, which is something I personally love because I use  my Serendipity polishes so often! Below you can find all the links you need to keep up to date with all things Serendipity Nail Polish related!


Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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