Serendipity Nail Polish Call Me Boss Lady Collection: Get it Girl

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Hey y'all! How are you all doing today? I'm super excited for this post, because well for one I'm showing you another new Serendipity Nail Polish, and I have some new art that is unlike any art I have done and I am really proud of it! So let's get into this post!

Meet one coat of Get it Girl! Yes one coat!! I am in love with this Royal Navy blue. It's a gorgeous color and it's formula is fabulous! It applied so evenly and nicely, plus it dried quickly! I can already tell that this will be one of Thais go to polishes when I need a navy bases. 

I always wear top coat as everyone should, but I will have to say this is super shiny pre top coat! I didn't put on top coat before this pic because I knew I was going to add some art! Awhile back PeppermintPolish via Instagram did some super cute golden Mandelas on her nails, that were very zentangle like. So something you would see show up in the coloring books that y'all see everywhere these days. So I wanted to do something in the some style. She just did the corners of her nails so to make mine my own I did all of the nail! Now enough talking about it, let's check it out!

I freehanded these with golden acrylic paint and the tiniest brush in the Berry Wine set from Winstonia. It was insanely fun! I know you are probably thinking how in the world is something like that fun! Well for me it was! I wasn't stressing about it, I was just going with what coming to mind! That's what was so fun about it! Plus I've been wanting to stamp so I could do designs like this, but I kind of pulled it off freehanded which I am most happy about! No stamps were involved in the making of this mani. Haha!! 😊❤️ Ah I'm really enjoying these!

Here is a super close look, and you can definitely tell that these aren't perfect but I am super proud of them! I never thought I could pull off something like this! Now I badly want to do this in so many other designs and color combos! I love doodling like this so being able to pull it off on my tiny nails is super exciting!

Whoa! Ya know what I just thought of!? This type of design would look SOOO neat over a gradation! Ahh, HUMMM is it too soon to remake these? I'm thinking this needs to go over a gradation or something to that extent! I think I should now go looking in all of those popular coloring books and getting ideas and then do like a zentangle nail art series! What do y'all think? Would that be fun to see?

Well I hope y'all enjoyed these! I am enjoying wearing them! I look down and feel like there is no way I painted these! Ah, I'm so glad I tried these out! Just goes to show we all need to not underestimate ourselves! We all tend to get in our head to much and then not try something we could so do! So definitely go ahead and try that nail design you think you can't pull off because you will never know until you try and you may just be pleasantly surprised!🙂❤️ Well that's it for now! This beautiful navy is now on sale for only $6! Which is a great price! Plus you will find that the bottles are a great size, which is something I personally love because I use  my Serendipity polishes so often! Below you can find all the links you need to keep up to date with all things Serendipity Nail Polish related! 


Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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