Watery Based Doodles

Ah, hey y'all! How are you doing? The weather her has been a bit odd. Hope you all are enjoying some sunshine! I know here in parts of the su shown state there are those getting a ton of rain and then those of us who really need it and aren't getting much! Oh well, on to the nails because today I have some fun art I did inspired by a once Instagram artist who turned into a bestseller! ;)

So these nails were inspired by the wonderfully talented Kristina Webb you if you don't know you must check out her Instagram here. She is an amazing artist and just has so much talent! I wish I could draw like her because her pieces of art are all just flawless! I loved the cute pic she did on her IG for new new coloring book with a girl painting and it had a blue to white base with white doodles so I thought I could turn it into nails so I did!

I started with a white nail art base and then watered down a blue acrylic paint and used that for my background! :) it was super simple and fun! Then I doodled with white acrylic paint and a paint brush and just went with the flow!

It was a really fun mani! Plus I was enjoying some good music which is always a nice thing! Already working on Augusts playlist! So if you want to you can check out 25 Sweetpeas on Spotify to see the stages of the new list coming together! :) Well believe it or not this is it for this post! Very short compared to lately! Hope y'all don't mind! These were just so fun, and I loved gettin back to some brighter colors, I like fall colors however I'm not ready to give up my summer ones! ;) Also I am super excited about some things I will be reviewing soon! I think y'all will like it and I am just really excited about it! I hope y'all have a lovely rest of your day, and I will see you back here tomorrow. :)

Happy Painting!!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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