Serendipity Nail Polish Call Me Boss Lady Collection: Cash Flow Queen

Press Sample

Hey y'all! So today I have the last swatch post of the new Serendipity polishes, and I am loving this mossy green! It's going to be used a lot in the fall/Christmas season for sure!

Cash Flow Queen has such a nice formula and was so easy to apply! Overall I really loved using this polish! It was fabulous to work with! So the name is fun! My friend and I both automatically thought Arrow do to the green color and Queen being in the name since the Arrow is Oliver Queen! Oh wow, my brother should be so proud of the fact he has turned me into the type of person who makes Arrow references on the norm! Haha!!

This green really is lovely! I am already picturing it as a Christmas tree with sparkles and ornaments! Haha!! Is it too soon to already be planning Christmas manis!?

 Now of course due to the name making me think of the Arrow of course I had to do some arrow art on my nails! This fun random arrow design was inspired by PeppermintPolish via Instagram! She always has cute manis!

Well that's it for now! This perfect fall marsala is now on sale for only $6! Which is a great price! Plus you will find that the bottles are a great size, which is something I personally love because I use  my Serendipity polishes so often! Below you can find all the links you need to keep up to date with all things Serendipity Nail Polish related! 


Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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