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Hello there everyone! Hope you all had a nice weekend! Today for you I am starting off with my very first clothing post! I've recently been given the chance to try out some things from Zaful, which is an online clothing retailer. They carry a wide variety of clothing with accessories too. So now let's start by checking out this top and how I styled it! :)

This is the Floral Print Back Ruffle Sleeveless Tank top. It's a sheer fabric that is very see through so when wearing it you would need something underneath so it's not so see through. As for the quality of the top I would say it's nice! The sizing seems accurate which is something I'm personally always a bit hesitant about when ordering online. So the fact that the size I picked fit made me very happy! I will say the front of the top you have to play with to get it to hang correctly. I think that's honestly because the fabric is so light and so since there is more in the back it wants to pull back.

Now here is what the back of the top looks like. I love a flowy top and I'm loving the style of the back of this shirt. Any shirt that is flowy like this is automatically more girly which is always fun! I paired it with a cute pair of black lacey shorts, a black purse and a varied blue necklace. :) It makes for a cute outfit. As for the print on this top I like it but I don't love it. I was expecting it to be seen more if that makes sense. It's almost to the point of when you are wearing the top it all just blends in. So I think that is a personal preference, which to me makes me not as thrilled about it, yet I still love how this all looks together! Next up I of course had to do my nails to go with right? 

For this look I didn't want to add more of the print of the shirt I just wanted to bring the blues on to my nails. So I used a light blue and a shimmery blue then for the dots. The light blue is Zoya Blu, and the sparkle is Zoya Sunshine. :)

I hope y'all have enjoyed this post! I will have another outfit up on here tomorrow, which I think y'all will really like so I am excited about that! Also if you want to keep up with Zafuls sales and such you can below. 


Well that's it for today! I hope you have a wonderful Monday!

~25 Sweetpeas 

Also they do a $100 gift card giveaway every 2 days so below is the info for that! :) 

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