Happy National Coffee Day 2016 + Collab

Happy National Coffee day to all of you coffee lovers! :) Maybe you are even drinking a nice cup of coffee while reading this! I hope to have a nice cup this morning! 

So I was searching for coffee graphics/prints on Pinterest (but of course ;) ) and was falling in love with all the chalkboard coffee drawings. Like one had all the different types of cups explained and had different colors for the espresso, milk, froth, and on. It was super neat so I thought why not try something similar. Now I couldn't get all the levels of the different drinks worked in so I just went with it already mixed! Haha!!! :) Then some "chalk" styled art. :) At first I wasn't sure I would like them but honestly I love them! 

For my black I used Serendipity Building My Empire because its one coat and I love this black! Haha!! Then I used a matte top over the art to try and create a chalk board look. However my matte is getting low and goopy and bubbly so I really need to get a new one. Thats on my to get list for sure. ;)

So for this special day those of us who could get together in the Nail Art Squad all did coffee themed nails! :) Everyones mani is so cute! Below is the list of those who are above. :)


Well thats it for today! Hope you have a wonderful National Coffee Day! Let me know what you thought of todays nails and your favorite coffee below! :)

Happy Coffee Day!

~25 Sweetpeas


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