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Hello there! I have finally go the 10 day OPI Infinite Shine wear photos ready for you! Plus I decided to wear the pink again and use it for a fun floral pictorial. So todays post is very full and I hope you all like it! :)

If you didn't know, when I received the OPI Ininite Shine polished from Preen.me I decided I would wear Strawberry Margarita for a full 10 days. 10 days was the goal because they say it lasts for 10 days. For the original review post I did on this polish click here. Overall I am really pleased with how it lasted. Considering this was my right hand which does everything it usually gets beat up the most. Like for some reason no matter what type of polish I am wearing most often my index finger gets chipped on the corner the next day. Why? I don't know, I just know it never fails to chip there. Ha! With this "system" though it wasn't till DAY 8 that is started to wear on my index finger. My middle finger did chip a tiny bit on Day 5 however that coincided with a little break on that corner. So really it lasted really well. Especially when you consider I use that hand to remove my other hands nail art every night! I was very impressed. Now did it last up to 10 days chip free, no, but I still think its worth it if you need something really lasting. I had a pretty normal week, lots of typing, dishes, a bit of baking, and more cleaning. So that gives you an idea of what all the nails lasted through! :)

For something fun to add with this color I thought I would some fun floral art because its been a bit. Ok, so maybe not really but how can I not do a floral on this pink. Its not a "fall" look for sure but its happy and I am really enjoying it. :) I also decided to make a pictorial to go with it. I kind of want to get back into making pictorials. I'm working on picking certain days for certain types of posts and depending on the response on this post I will decide if I want to put pictorials in to a normal rotation! :) So if you have an opinion on what you would like to see tutorial wise please let me know! :)

1. Apply pink polish. Let dry and add on 3 round purple blobs.
2. Use a dotter and add in little dotted light blue flowers. I tried to make the little flowers out of 4 little dots.
3.Now use a cobalt blue and dot that in the center of the light blue flowers.
4. Now with a light purple and a fine detailing brush add in little curves in the purple blob. This gives a rose like look. :)
5. Now in the gaps around the flowers add some dark green for leaves/greenery.
6. Now go in with a lighter green and add depth to the dark green you added in step 5.
7. Now use a light pink and dot in small cone like shaped flowers coming out from the bunch.
8. Now if you are happy with it add top coat! :)

TIP: For simpler detailing use acrylic paint for the art/details :)

Well thats it for today! :) I hope you all have enjoyed this post, and I hope to see some recreations! Also be sure and let me know what you all think about pictorials. I hope you all have a fabulous day, and don't forget... Tomorrow is National Coffee Day! Woohooo!!! :)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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