Hot Air Balloons in the Mountains

Hey there guys! So I have a mani today that is semi inspired by a notebook and the other half is just made up! Haha!! Pretty much the hot air balloons and the hearts are from the notebook then the mountains were just randomly placed! Ha! 😉

These nails aren't really what I had hoped for but I still like them a bit! I'm kinda missing yesterday's tho! 😬 I do like the hot air balloons a lot tho! I first did a hot balloon mani I think around Valentine's Day maybe? I don't know exactly but I will have to say I like these a lot more! Although.... Not sure I remember the first ones fully! Ha, I've done so many different manis it's hard to remember them all! Anyone else have that issue?

Ok, so the more I look at these I do really like them! 😂 Doing manis like this and the past 3 I've posted really make me want to stay on the detailed nail art kick! They are so fun and satisfying when complete! I kinda feel like I've told you but maybe I haven't.... If you've ever been wondering why I don't do Galaxy manis often the reason is.... The Galaxy mani was one of the first nail art designs I pulled off half way decent and I was so proud of them! Over time though when recreating Galaxy manis they just lost the "wow" factor. So that's why I don't do them so much! Random and weird, I know but just thought I would tell ya! 😊

The base color for this mani is the legendary China Glaze At Vase Value ❤️! A fave of mine for sure! 😊  So I just realized a while back I took away the about me tab and I need to put that back! So... What do y'all wanna know about me? Well that's it for this post! I hope y'all enjoyed today's nails! See ya back tomorrow!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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