Aerie First Impressions

Hey there guys, hope you are having a good start to your week!😊 Today I have a bit of a different post that I thought would be fun. I recently went into Aerie for the first time and I was super impressed with what I got and just the store all together so I thought I would just chat with y'all about it! :) I don't really know why it took so long for me to actually go in! 😂

So while in Aerie I didn't think to take pictures or anything because I wasn't thinking about making it into a blog post but now after being there I feel like it should be! Ha! Now if you don't know what Aerie is its a sub store of American Eagle.  It's classified as a lingerie and intimate clothing store. I originally went in to see if I could find any of Zoe (Zoellas) products in there because they are the only USA retailer for her products that I know of! Anywaaaayyy while in there I spotted some comfy looking sweat shirts and leggings, and I may just have to go back when its that weather! 😉 While we were in there looking around they passed out lotion samples which was super nice and a smart move on their part because after using it that night I knew I had to go back and get it! I really liked the organization of the store and I loved the lotion/beauty section. Also I was surprised to see some things as well. So there really was a fun mix. 

I am super picky when it comes to lotion. For some reason I don't typically like the "after feel" of most lotions, and after a bit I have to go wash my hands. However after using this lotion I didn't have to wash my hands and so that basically sold it for me! I am always trying to keep my hands hydrated and find a good lotion to do so that smells as good as "Be Sunnie" is rare! I love this lotion so so much and have been using daily for about a week and a half now! :) I am very pleased! Its scent description is Sparkling Citrus and Sea Salt however I am not really sure I pick up a citrus scent but that is fine by me because I love the scent! :) On the back the describe to lotion itself as "Fast absorbing, non-greasy" and "is loaded with shea butter, coconut butter, aloe, and vitamin E" so all of those are good things! I especially know Vitamin E is good for me and dry skin. If I even have a dry spot I use straight vitamin E and it helps right away. 

Now there are other scents in this line,but this one is by far my fave! Also the price is very reasonable. This was a full size and it was $12 something. Plus there is a body spray to match that I may just have to get eventually! So over all I am loving this lotion and I was very impressed with the store in general. I will go back for other things I'm sure!! ❤️  Also one thing I find really neat about Aerie is their #aeriereal campaign. They pride themselves in using models of all shapes and sizes and they don't photoshop. I think for a company to pride themselves in that is just wonderful. :)

Now of course I had to do nails that would go with! So I wasn't really sure what to paint to go with this post so I tried to interpret the name "Be Sunnie". 😊

The gradation was done with a total of four polishes. Orly Glowstick, and then the rest are China Glaze and they are... Highlight of my Summer, Grass is Lime Greener, and Too Yacht to Handle. All of which are polishes I love alone! Together I just love them even more!❤️❤️ Hope y'all do to! :) Well that's it for this post I hope y'all enjoyed this post!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 

I always disclose my posts at the top to let ya'll know if its a press sample or affiliate or so on and I just wanted to let ya'll know this post was purely me. I really wanted to share all of this! :) I know this kinda sounded like it could of fit into one of those categories but I just wanted to clarify its not and it was 100% my idea. 


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