Mermaid Tails

Hey there everyone! Hope you are having a good week so far. Today's nails were inspired by Coewless, she does amazing nails and soon as I saw her mermaid tail nails I knew at some point I just had to do them! Today is the day that I check them off the to-do list. :)

I started off with one coat of +Zoya Nail Polish  Dream! Its a lovely blue, and its normally a shiny polish but I mattified all of it after the art. I was nervous about making such a beautiful polish matte but I kinda really love it! Its like a whole other polish which is fun! Its now gorgeous either way! Woo hoo! :)

I think added on the mermaid tail! I used acrylic paint and then added some sparkles on top. I started with a white base for the tails and then added in the colors. :) Doing it that way really helps to make the colors pop, and show up better with out a million and one coats. ;)

These were actually really fun to do! I didn't do them exactly like Eva but I do like them a lot and I am happy with them. Usually when I attempt something like this and they don't look exactly like what I was inspired by I get discouraged. Lately tho that hasn't been the case. I've accepted that we all have our own styles and thats ok. Obviously we all probably can think of an artist that we want to be just like, and we can work towards that. However its great to have our own art style too. Who knows there may be someone out there who wants theirs to look like your. So its good to not compare so critically and its easy to forget so just in case you are in a comparing rut I hope this little paragraph will encourage you to get back at it. :)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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