Neon Fall Mani

Who says just because it's fall in stores and such we can't have neons? I don't know about you but I don't plan on giving up my neon just because of it being fall! :) That being said today I have a neon fall mani inspired by The_Polished_life via Instagram. :)

So a friend sent me these nails that were by the_polished_life and as soon as I saw them I knew I HAD to do them! First off how could I resist a cute fox! Plus I love how it's a fall theme but it has a neon! As a neon polish loved I am always just for a neon mani no matter what season it is! ;)

The base color for this mani is China Glaze Too Yacht to Handle and I just love it! Anytime I wear it I just question myself why don't I wear this color more! Haha!! ;) Its just such a happy and fun color! 

All of the details were done free handed with acrylic paint! It was pretty fun to do! One this I didn't do but would advise you to do is... Paint the fox white first and then do orange on top of the white! It will have you time! I had like 2 coats of orange and then spotty orange touch ups to get it to look orange like! Next time I will for sure think about that before doing it the way I did! Haha! See we all learn from our mistakes! Well that's of for today! I hope y'all have enjoyed this post and hope you like this fall neon mani! I all see y'all back here tomorrow! :) I have been working on more chapters for the book and I am really getting excited about cheating more with you guys! :)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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