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Hey there guys, hope you've had a nice long weekend. :) Today for y'all I have a cute shirt to share with y'all from Sammy Dress and a matching mani!

First off I love the look of this shirt! It's just so cute considering my current obsession with pineapples! :) Now let's talk review wise. I will have to say I like the shirt and it will look cute with jeans, but I'm not thrilled about it over all. It's fabrics seems odd to me for a tee shirt. It is super stretch and I was not expecting that since it's a tee shirt. Also with that, its really short. I love longer shirts and this one is just kinda short. Not ever like "regular". So if you are not a fan of a short shirt I would not suggest this shirt so much for you. However if you just love it and you must have it I would suggest getting it a size or two too big. That will add a few inches and I don't think it will make much of a difference in the fit around you! Just make it hang a bit nicer. :) Ya'll can find this shirt here

Then of course since I am obsessed with Pineapples and the details of the shirt I turned it into a mani! :) The base color is Serendipity Cash Flow Queen. A lovely fall green. The details were then done with acrylic paint!

Well that's it for this post! Hope y'all have liked it and hopefully some part of it was helpful! To keep up with Sammy Dress be sure to check out the links below....


~25 Sweetpeas 


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