OPI Infinite Shine : Strawberry Margarita

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Hey yall! Today I will start posting some polishes I received from OPI as part of the PreenMeVIP program! I have a total of 10 the OPI infinite shine line to share with ya!

Here we have 2 coats of Strawberry Margarita! Which I have to say is a lovely pink! The formula was super nice and I was very impressed!

Now this polish in this post is the Infinite Shine Version of this polish. If you aren't familiar with OPI Infinite shine keep on reading cause I will do my best to explain it to you!😊😉 

In the world of polish right now there are 3 types of polishes that you hear about. Regular polish, gel polish and hybrid polish. Now you may be think hybrid polish? Whaaaattt? Well it's a real thing I promise. It's basically regular nail polish how ever they come more as a "system" with a specific base and top, and you use them all within the same company. Most companies advertise that the manicure will last with no chips up to 10-14 days. The day number depends on the brand. Now you may be wondering where do I find these hybrid polishes and how come I haven't seen them. The answer to that is you probably have seen them and you can find them everywhere! The reason you probably have realized it is that every brand seems to have a different name for them. China Glaze has Ever Glaze, Essie has Gel Couture, OPI is Infinite Shine and so on. They like to compare them to gels saying they last like gels. Now if you are like me and you don't care for gels these hybrids may be a good answer. They are supposed to be long lasting, and they are applied just like regular polish and removed like regular polish, you just have to follow that brands "system"! That in my opinion seems like a do able thing if you want a longer lasting mani and if it truly is long lasting!

 Now my personal opinion on a hybrid polish so far seems to be I don't see really a difference between it and regular polish. I do believe you can get 10-14 days out of a correctly applied mani with good quality polish so that day span to me isn't a biggie! I am going to keep this color on, on my "Cindy" hand for the projected 10 days unless it starts looking shabby, and really test out the wear of this polish! The master plan is for me to photograph it everyday are share with you the day by day changes. 

Now I wanted to add art to the swatch yet at the same time I am really loving this color so I didn't really want to do art on it at the same time so I painted a little polish bottle. The silver lid to match the Infinite Shine bottles. Now about the silver lid! 😂 I love the look of it, and I think it looks really classy but last night I found it hard to grip to open! Anyone have this little issue?!😂 Like I love the look but I'm starting to think it may not be the most practical. Which is sad because it does look so nice!

When applying top coat I did find out it does pick up the polish. I was getting pink on the clear top coat bristles which isn't a great thing, so maybe if I used a different top that may change BUT in order for the "system" to work you are supposed to use the Infinite Shine base, color, and top. So I guess it's just up to you as to what you would want to do!

Over all color and formula wise of this pink, I love it! As for the top coat I'm not overly thrilled about it. 😔 As for wear time I will wait and see! I am a bit bummed because an hour after painting and such I went and washed my hands and the nail with the polish bottle painted on it got pretty smeared or actually it could be better described as "wrinkled". So apparently to be FULLY dry you must wait an hour plus. 😬 It will be interesting to see how these wear because I feel like they may be easily dent-able, hopefully not but so far that's kind of what I am thinking. Well that's it for today! Hope y'all have enjoyed this post and maybe even learned something! I will see y'all back here tomorrow with another color.

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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