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Hey there guys, today I am back with another polish from the Substance Abuse Awareness Box and today ya'll will be seeing what Lifestyle Lacquer has in the box! :) Also if you missed yesterdays post you can catch up here.

So in the box you receive a full size polish from Lifestyle Lacquer called H.O.P.E Hold On Pain Ends, along with a cute pair of earrings that match the polish. They were made by the lovely creator of Nail Jewelry Bling which you may already be familiar with.

Now time for an up close look! Ah, I love this polish! Its such a gorgeous shade and it has so much to it! The formula was great and super easy to work with. Also removal of this polish was a breeze.

Next I just couldn't resist showing you the nail macro up close because it really is just lovely. 

For me this polish took 3 coats to be completely opaque due to the white nail line being a bit bold and since my nails are a bit longer. I would say if you have shorter nails you will probably only need 2 coats. Also I did thin coats so if you do thick ones you may only need two as well.

Now I didn't do any art with it this time, but I could so see using this for a mermaid look. Its just a lovely teal/turquoise shade with sparkles!

Well I hope you all enjoyed this post and getting to see this new lovely polish. :) PreSale will being the 23rd and will go until October 3rd! All of the details you may want or need can be found below! :) Also keep in mind these polishes are Limited Edition and will only be able to be purchased in THIS box! :) Also some of the proceeds will be donated to a Charity which you can see here.

Happy Shopping!

~25 Sweetpeas


  1. Lovely swatches Sarah! Thank you for helping us with this box :)

    1. Thanks Hillary, it was my pleasure thanks so much for having me! :)


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