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Hey there guys, today I am back with another polish from the Substance Abuse Awareness Box and today ya'll will be seeing what Anonymous Lacquer has in the box! :) Also if you missed yesterdays post you can catch up here.

In this box you get two things from Anonymous Lacquer, a full size polish called, No More Demons, and a Lotion Bar! The lotion bar is in the scent Pear Berry and its really nice, its like a little oval chapstick but its lotion! Great for applying around your cuticles to keep them hydrated! :) 

Here we have and up close look at this beauty! It only took 2 coats and the formula was nice. It reminds be of INLP Harbour Island formula wise if you are familiar with that, its a crelly polish. I am in love with this red. Its a great red for Christmas mani, and I say that because yes I did Christmas art! :) I've been dying to so I just did it and will save it to share with ya'll later, so just know this is good for Christmas manis! ;)

Ah, its really a gorgeous polish don't ya'll think! I have never had a red polish like this and the glitter in it really pretty and yep I love it! :)

Sometimes polishes like this can be daunting to remove but this one came off just fine, and I does look great in the sun! ;)

Overall I am really happy with this polish, and I think anyone who gets the box will love it and get a lot of use out of it! 

This polish is lovely! :) I am very impressed! PreSale will being the 23rd and will go until October 3rd! All of the details you may want or need can be found below! :) Also keep in mind these polishes are Limited Edition and will only be able to be purchased in THIS box! :) Also some of the proceeds will be donated to a Charity which you can see here.

Happy Shopping!

~25 Sweetpeas


  1. Beautiful swatch dear!! So happy you enjoyed it!!


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