Substance Abuse Box : Ellagee

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Hey ya'll, today I am back with the last polish from the Substance Abuse Awareness Box and today I will be showing you what Anonymous Lacquer has in the box! :) Also if you missed yesterdays post you can catch up here.

In this box you will get a lovely full size polish from Ellagee and a fun bracelet! The polish is a lovely purple and it has fun flakie shaped glitters in it that make it really unique and pretty! Check out the macros below. :)

Its really a lovely polish with so much depth to it too. I think this may be a new favorite of mine for a purple polish, because I just love how unique it is.

It only need 2 coats and it dried pretty fast in my opinion. When it is dry it is a bit dull so you will want a shiny top coat to get the full effect of this beauty. ;)

I love how the flakies/shards showed up on my ring finger. I think the fact that they are just every now and then make it fun and different every time you wear it. Kinda neat how you could wear the same polish many times and it could look different every time.

So what do ya'll think of this lovely purple?

Well that it for the box! You have now seen all of them. :) PreSale will being the 23rd and will go until October 3rd! All of the details you may want or need can be found below! :) Also keep in mind these polishes are Limited Edition and will only be able to be purchased in THIS box! :) Also some of the proceeds will be donated to a Charity which you can see here. I plan to share all of these links again on Friday to make it super easy for you to get into the presale! :)

Happy Shopping!

~25 Sweetpeas


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