Gilmore Girls : Luke's Diner Nails

Hello!!! So if you haven't heard yet... Today from 7am - noon 200 Coffee shops through out the USA are being turned into Lukes Diner from Gilmore Girls in honor of it being Gilmore Girls 16th anniversary! How neat is that, I mean really thats the neatest thing I've heard about this month, and so... Of course I did nails! :)

I tried to paint the sign that hangs out front and then also include the wall color. Its not the best but it was fun and the whole concept was neat! Also if you haven't seen any info on this fun even you can find a list of the shops participating here.

My base color is/was China Glaze Highlight of my Summer. :) Then the rest was free handed. 

There are a few places around me that are participating so I hope to get to go. Not sure tho considering this weather we are preparing for, yet at the same time I really want to because of the weather too because the place we were gonna go is near the beach! Haha, sometimes I think I could be a storm chaser! Ok, so if I do go I will take photos and share with you guys if I get a chance. :) Humm, I wonder what Luke will think about smart phones when the new season starts! Hahaha, that no cellphone sign won't work I am thinking! Ha! Well to all of those in line of the "cone of uncertainty stay safe and be careful. I hope to be blogging still over the next so many days but I know there is the possibility of loosing power so... I will do what I can. ;) Talk to ya'll soon!

Happy Lukes Diner Day!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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