National Taco Day

Happy National Taco day to all of you taco lovers out there! I am so happy to have Taco nails for today because I always miss these random national such and such days so to actually be ready for this feels amazing! Hahaha! ;) 

Ok, so I am now super excited! I just found a site will all of the National such and such days. So be prepared this may become a thing from time to time. Haha! SO this mani.... I used China Glaze Spring in my Step as my base color. Then I free handed the rest. :)

I wasn't really sure how to do Taco nails honestly but I like how they turned out. :) Plus it was pretty simple once I figured out the right taco shell shade. LOL! They could mix some yellow white a bit of tan and call it Taco Shell and sell it as a color don't ya think? Oh goodness this is getting out of hand. ;-P Haha!!

Well ya'll thats it for National Taco Day which also fell on Taco Tuesday! Also ya know what starts tonight? Flash!! Should be an interesting season to say the least. :) Well I hope ya'll have a fabulous day and I will talk to to you tomorrow, which is National Pumpkin Seed day. HAHA!!

Happy Taco Day!

~25 Sweetpeas

Sorry if I said Taco so many times that now you are craving a taco. ;)


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