HPB Presents : Candy Corn Dots

Hello there! So only today and tomorrow left for Halloween nails and I couldn't be happier because that means we will be even closer to Christmas nails! Wooohoooo! :) 

So today I did some candy corn colored themed dots. I saw Kelli Marissa (via IG/Youtube) do these and they were so cute I just had to recreate! I really wish mine had been matte as well but that didn't happen. See I really liked this Matte top I had from Urban Outfitters, but I had ran out! So this week we were out and stopped by to get a new bottle! Finally went to use it last night and it was not good. As you can see it smeared a few dots AND never actually went matte. It was all dry and shiny.... So I was like humm maybe a 2nd coat? I tried that and it kinda gave a "satin" finish but blurred the dots. :( UGH! So I ended up just putting a full out shiny top to get rid of the blur. I don't know why it was like this because the other bottle I had of it was perfectly fine and went matte. Hopefully it was just a bad batch and not a new formula.

The dots were all done with acrylic paint and then the black polish is Serendipity Building my Empire which is fabulous! You have to love a one coater like this and it does not stain! Those all being factors in the SAME polish can be hard to find! Well thats it for today! I hope ya'll have liked these! I am in the HPB linkup again today and have everyones manis below so be sure to check them out!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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