Monthly October Favorites + Halloween Collab

Wow, how in the world is it the end of October? This is insane, this year truly is flying by. So today's post is rather large and full of "stuff" this month has been really busy and so I kind of wanted to make this more than just a favorites because a lot has happened and I want to cover it all, while covering my faves as well! So lets get started!

First up I have found a new book series that I have been LOVING! I am super picky when it comes to reading in all honesty. No matter how old I am, I will probably always want to read YA books, because ya know, I  really can't find any reason I shouldn't. I am one of those who judges a book by its cover which yes, I know I shouldn't, but it works for me and so I will continue it since it works! Ha! So when I saw these fun colored books of course I took a look. First off I noticed they had a blurb at the top from the author, Morgan Matson, and that was a good thing! I read a book of hers over the summer and really enjoyed it so I kept on going. Then the back sounded good too, so I got the first one Broken Hearts, Fences, and Other things to Mend I got it home and started looking at it and found out Morgan Matson is Katie Finn! She was just writing under a Pen Name! I mean how cool is that! So I started it and was really enjoying, but then things got busy and I didn't get to read it for a bit which I was bummed about.

That all being said... Then Hurricane Matthew shut down the town and I got to sit at home and relax, watch the storm and READ! I ended up reading the full book that week and it was SOOO good. I was so bummed when I finished it though because I didn't have the next two and it was a major cliff hanger. In addition to that the stores weren't open and actually none of them even had the next book I needed. So I went to the Barnes and Noble site and just ordered the next two! Haha, which then took some time to arrive. Which is a long story in it self but all that's important is they did arrive last week! I've been trying to fit in reading time any time that I can along side my million other hobbies and things I have to do and so far Revenge, Ice Cream, and other things Best Served Cold is great! Plus the next one sounds great because it has to do with a weather disaster and I don't know why but I love the intense part of that in a book, so I'm pretty excited. I definitely recommend this book for all ages! Its great because its not depressing like most books seem to be and there are surprises in it, plus the beach, and well every good book has to have a beach sooo. ;) Also its not trashy or have inappropriate things in it if you know what I mean. ;) So overall I am loving this series, and am looking forward to reading more! A bit sad tho, the 3rd one is the last one. :( I will for sure be looking for more by Morgan Matson/Katie Finn I am really enjoying her books!

Now as I mentioned, I read the first one mainly during the hurricane. If you are new to the blog, or haven't been on here a bit to catch you up.... The two cities I call home, Jacksonville and Saint Augustine were hit pretty hard this past month by Matthew. Which I talked a bit about here. I live where people evacuate too, so we were very lucky and had minimal damage. The places closest to the coast got hit really bad though. Now I haven't been out to see much of the coastal areas, because either 1. I've been busy or 2. they were closed to the public. Like for instance what we consider "our beach" that is closest to the house is closed right now, so I haven't made it over there. This week though I did get a chance to see some of Jacksonville Beach. I took some pictures so I thought I could share them with you all!

There was a big storm surge in Jacksonville Beach and the ocean took over and changed our dunes which I can tell here, but some may not be able too unless they are familiar with the beach. 

Here I think you can really tell though! This was the only area for public access really, most others were closed due to the face the boardwalks one used were damaged and or no longer existing. Ekkk!

Now this picture I am the most sad about. The end of the pier is just gone. I don't know if anyone on here follows my personal IG but if you do you probably know I LOVE this pier. Its one of my favorite things to photograph for some reason. Even since we've lived here it has just been a favorite thing of mine. I actually have a wall in my room that only has photos of the pier. Above is a current photo and you can tell a difference for sure, despite its missing parts its still lovely to see. I'm so glad that such a big part of it is still standing.
Now moving on...... For some of my other favorites! Still always loving my Lush Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter and I've been using it a lot lately. Also here I included Takko Lacquer Prisms which is a lovely topper that I am obsessed with! Oh and this mug!!! Its hot coffee season and so this has been my choice of mug! I have a love of mugs apparently and this has been the one I've been using the past few weeks. I thinks it about time I could bring out my winter/Christmas mugs! :) Hehe... Humm any opinions of when its ok for me to change the blog over for Christmas?

Also in the picture above included 2 notebook which are holding the story I am writing and posting on Wattpad! I have always loved writing and I've finally gotten the nerve up to do it publicly which I talked about here. The past month I haven't been able to write as much as I would like but with this next month I am hoping to catch up and get back to releasing chapters every week. If you need to catch up or check it out you can here.... Book    |   PINTEREST   |   PLAYLIST

As I mentioned earlier books are hard to find these days that aren't depressing, and or inappropriate. So with my book I've been working on making sure it could be all ages and not trashy yet still good. Basically I've been making it the type of book I would want to read. Plus I am making it interactive which is fun! Well enough about that how about a look at todays nails, that are part of a Halloween Collab!

So this month the Nail Art Squad and I have gotten together to do a Halloween collab on Halloween of course! :) So This it a look at the mani I did. I used Serendipity Building my Empire as my black and then the white is INM White Porcelain. :) The with is actually a vinyl from Snail Vinyls and then the words were free handed. Every now and then I get this sill idea that I can pull off lettering and I am always wrong. :-P Then the clouds were done with watered down acrylic paint. :)

Next up... the collab photo!


Everyones manis came out fabulously! Hope you all have enjoyed this very long post! :) Have some really fun things coming up in the next month, its going to busy but good hopefully! I have so many fun post ideas. :) Well thats it for today, talk to you guys next month. hehe!!!

Happy Halloween!

~25 Sweetpeas

P.S. I did write this post a few days ahead and this weekend I got to go out and explore "our" beach so if you are interested in seeing the pictures let me know. :)


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