Hurricane Matthew

Over the past so many days so so many places and people have been affected by Hurricane Matthew which is a Hurricane that will go down in history and remembered and talked about forever. Since the storm was in my area and affected many places I love and care about I wanted to do a little post with Hurricane nails and links you can visit to help give back to the areas affected.

Hurricane Matthew was a disastrous that affected Haiti, The Bahamas, Florida and the Carolina's. Its one that going down in history because its one of the more powerful ones to actually affect Florida. It was a very powerful storm that even registered at a Cat 5 at one point, and kept changing categories as it moved up the Florida coast. As you probably know I am located in Florida somewhere between Jacksonville and St Augustine. ;) That being said you all probably have seen my many posts with nails based off this area and you have probably picked up the fact that I LOVE it here. The cities are beautiful, our beaches are fabulous and well I just love it all. :) So the Florida part of the this storm really was major to me. It was really the first hurricane we've been through since living here, and I am so happy to say we all made it out fine here. I am inland enough that we were in a safe zone and got to stay put at home. Sadly though not all the areas that we frequent made it out as lucky as we did. There area still areas we haven't seen yet because they aren't safe yet. I've been glued to news outlets watching for certain areas to see how they weathered and its so sad to see what has happened all around. Friday there were so many sad pictures coming though of places we love just underwater. One was St Augustine which is the Oldest City in the US (just celebrated 450 years last year!). You couldn't tell where the Matanzas started because the Atlantic ocean pushed in over the sea wall and the city was flooded. Also the pier of Jacksonville Beach which was very much a known landmark has been ripped up and now the end is just not there. :( This pier is one of my FAVORITE things to photograph for some reason and I even have a wall in my room dedicated to pics of it so its very sad to see it now. Hopefully tho it will be rebuilt to all of its lovely pier glory. :)  If you want to see photos of places around affected all over you can here.  

As I am writing this it is Saturday, the day after the main hit here where I am and places are still being checked out and clean up has just begun. All of the places that were effect have a lot of work to do to rebuild. American Red Cross has set up a donate page that will help all affected by Hurricane Matthew and that can be found here. A lot of people from all over the world have visited St Augustine and well if you haven't it needs to be on a to do list because its GORGEOUS! Oh and if you are ever going I would be happy to suggest a few (ok many) places. ;) Oh and its one place everyone needs to experience during Christmas. The Night of Lights is stunning. It was named in the top 10 best Christmas lights and its very obvious why when you see it in person. That all being said if you want to help support St Augustine specifically they are sell shirts that say STAFLA on them and all of the proceeds are going to help rebuild and put St Augustine back together. You can find the shirts here. Well that it for today, I will probably share more with you all later if you like and if/when we do any exploring within the next few weeks/months I may just share some of the photos too. :) I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and staying safe!

~25 Sweetpeas


  1. The photos I have been seeing of St. Augustine and Vilano Beach are just so sad. I am happy that people actually evacuated. Glad you made it through ok!

    1. Oh they really are. I just saw Ponte Vedra beach pics/Micklers today and its just so sad.

      We went out last night to the store and there was a lot of traffic heading in from the St Augustine/Vilano/Ponte Vedra area that looked like they were all heading back to the shelter... :( Very glad they all followed the evacuation warnings. It could of been much worse.


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