ILNP Clockwork VS Juliette

Hello there! So I am writing this and its Thursday evening, and as you probably know from my posts other places we are in the line of Hurricane Matthew. So if you are seeing this post yeah! I'm not sure if we are going to have power or not for me to actually share this post with ya on Friday, which is today for those of you reading. This weekend posts are going to be short most likely. I have worked ahead and I do have one for Saturday and possibly Sunday. Sundays will be about the Hurricane it self so I am waiting on that one so that one will depend on power. Ekkk wow that was a lot of maybes and ifs! Ha, sorry about that. Today tho I have decided to compare 2 ILNP polishes, :)

So for some odd reason I've always thought ILNP Clockwork and Juliette were alike, and before getting one last year I was almost too hesitant so I thought I would just compare them here for anyone else who may of been thinking the same thing. :) 

The first 2 nails each have one coat and they are labeled as to what one is which polish. Right off the bat you can see the differences. The formulas are different and the shades are different as well. Then the next two nails show each polish with 2 coats. There they are absolutely different. Juliette has a pink (rose gold) jelly like look and Clockwork looks like a holo. They both have holo parts to them but they are very different polishes. :) I'm not sure why in my mind I was always think they were close... Humm who knows haha!! Well I hope this was helpful in some way. Hope all of those who are being affected by the Hurricane are staying safe. Nothing looks like this is going to turn out well, and its going down in history for sure.

Stay Safe!

~25 Sweetpeas


  1. This was really helpful! I've had my eye on Juliette and seeing the comparison, plus how it looks with one coat and then 2 really makes a difference!


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