Takko Lacquer Fall 2016 : Mariposa

Press Sample

Calling all pumpkin lovers!! This color is perfect for you, literally it looks like pumpkin when you open a can of pumpkin. :) Just wait till ya'll see the macro photos, you will probably want some pumpkin pie. :) 

Meet Mariposa its a lovely pumpkin orange with some fun glitters/ micro flakies! :) I love the slight hint of pink shimmer in the polish. I think it just makes it so unique and fun. It photographs really well which I am excited about. Ha, anyone else get really excited when a polish photo graphs just right? Or could it be that I am the only one who really wants pictures of every mani? Hahaha!

The formula on this beauty was really nice. Just the right thickness and it only needed two coats. Honestly tho depending on how thick you do your coats you may only need one. It levels so nicely too. AHHH, I just am always so so happy with Takko Lacquer polishes. Sheryl definitely knows what she is doing and she does it exceptionally. :)

So now that you have seen it in a few different pictures you have to tell me, doesn't it look like pumpkin in a pumpkin can? It does in real life and on my computer screen and ya I know every computer screen can be different and blah blah but hopefully ya'll can see it! :) 

So now that I am really on this mind set of it looking like pumpkin puree I really wish I had done a slice of pumpkin pie for the art. However I didn't as you can see below. :( Humm, maybe that shall be a Thanksgiving mani? I mean I am not even a pumpkin pie fan, I know cringe, but one piece for Thanksgiving is a must! ;)

I decided to do jack-o-lantern look since it was orange and it just felt right. You kinda need on mani like this in October per year right? 

Well guys thats it for this post! You have NO clue how fun it was to finally sit down and actually work on this post! I had a very long and not fun weekend but at least I got to end it with this. I really do truly love working on here. Its what I look forward to each day. :) Now here is any and all info you need to be able to get this polish for your self!

All USA shoppers can preorder this polish on October 28th from 8:30 - 11:30 PM EST along with the rest of the Fall line that I'm sure ya'll will love! :) Hope ya'll have enjoyed this post! :)

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Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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