Takko Lacquer Fall 2016 : Peony & Merbunny

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Hey ya'll! Hope you are having a good morning so far. :) Today I feel like I have a lot to show you so lets get right into the pics and details! I am really thinking you all are going to love this new Takko Lacquer line, not only are they all gorgeous, but there are also so many of them. ;)

First up here we have 3 coats of Merbunny and first off the name so caught my attention. Ha, the thought of a mermaid bunny definitely puts a smile on your face! ;) This polish is a milky light pink/white with flakies which makes it so fun and worth the 3 coats. Plus Takkitos dry fairly quickly so it was not painful to do the 3 coats. :) The cool think about this polish is it could be used in many ways.

You could use it as your pinky color for a french manicure because the first coat looks much more pink and its sheer enough to work for the french look. It would give it a fresh edge too since you would have flakies in your french mani. Humm, I could so see french manis with flakies become a trend for those who like a good french.

Then of course it can be built up like I did here, or you could use it as a milky topper! Which I did and ya'll will see at the end of this post. ;)  Its for sure a neat topper because it can just really change the look of a creme and make it so much fun.

Next up here we have Peony which is a lovely fall pink. I saw fall because its not super bright or in your face yet its not pastel but it has just the right vibrancy. Wait does that even make sense? Humm... I think it does to me so maybe some one else will get what I mean. It has a hint of mauve too which is a good fall color as well.

This can be 1-2 coats depending on how thick you do your coats. I did it thin on a few and thick on a few to test it out, and for those who do think coats ya'll will be getting away with just one coat for sure. :) I am really loving this color.

So here is Peony with one coat of Merbunny on top! Love the milky or "frosted" look it ended up with plus the flakies in random spots makes for a fun mani anytime. Then of course I had to do some art to go with so I just did some simply flowers, or bursts? I thought of them as flowers but now they are reminding me of fire works. :) Haha!! It is almost time for Fireworks actually, and I just remembered that! Random I know but, ya know thats just how things go sometimes! Haha!! So for anyone in North Florida, if you don't know... Jacksonville Florida loves fireworks, and on the Saturday after Thanksgiving they do the holiday boat parade and the biggest firework show afterwards, and I will have to say they are really the best. Jacksonville sure knows what they are doing with fireworks and they never miss a good opportunity to have fun with them! ;) I LOVE the waterfall one the do off the downtown bridge. Talk about awesome!! OK, wow I am off topic. ;-P Any way... moving on. :)

I really like these two polishes together and by themselves too. They are just fun and I could see these being used all year couldn't you? Well thats it for today loves! All of the deets on how to get your hands on these, or these on your hands ;) (insert clever face here) are down below. Plus I am starting to tell bad jokes and get off topic. Ekkk!! ;)

All USA shoppers can preorder this polish on October 28th from 8:30 - 11:30 PM EST along with the rest of the Fall line that I'm sure ya'll will love! :) Hope ya'll have enjoyed this post! :)

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Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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