Takko Lacquer Fall 2016 : Narwhals

Press Sample

Hello there everyone! So today I am sharing the last new Takko Lacquer that will be going on preorder tomorrow so get ready. :) Also just so you know tomorrow I will release another post with links to ALL of the new colors so you can make your shopping lists and I will also have all of the important links ready for you. :) So lets get to the last color. :)

This super fun fall/wintery blue is called Narwhals how fun of a name is that! The color is gorgeous and the shimmer in it is just enough. Its a cremey shimmer which I really like because those are still good for art bases. ;) 

The formula was fabulous! I did thinner coats and only needed two. It self leveled nicely too which means mostly likely if I had done just one thick coat I would of been good with one. :) I am really loving this light blue! Sometimes I even thing it could pass for periwinkle.

Well I hope you are all ready for tomorrow! This preorder is going to be fabulous. :) Sheryl is even keeping it open for 3 hours to hopefully give everyone a chance to grab what they want. :) If you have any questions let me know and I will do my best to help you out. With tomorrow post there will be some art that I will have to share with you that included this beauty so be sure to come on back and get all ready tomorrow morning! :)

All USA shoppers can preorder this polish on October 28th (TOMORROW) from 8:30 - 11:30 PM EST along with the rest of the Fall line that I'm sure ya'll will love! :) Hope ya'll have enjoyed this post! :)

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Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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