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Hey ya'll! Oh my its Wednesday already! Wow, this week is going quick, eh scratch that, this month is going really quickly. Well in some things its going quickly and others not. Hummm, sorry if I just confused you too early in the morning! Today I am showing you another new beauty for the new China Glaze collection, and thankfully I am bringing better news today compared to yesterday.

Meet The More The Barrier! I know I've said it in about all of these CG holiday line posts, but this name is just great! Seriously the names this year for this line are so good. :) Now this polish is gorgeous! Its got that pink/red Christmas look with that foil sheen. Ah, so pretty. Plus I like how its not a red red, honestly with many holiday lines its just like they rerelease a red each year and maybe change the type of sparkle or something just to make it "different". So I'm pretty excited that this is just more pink than anything. Now as I say that... On the computer screen its showing more red than actual. I have it on one hand and the other has red and looking at them as I type you can for sure tell there is pink on one hand and then red on the other. :)

Plus guess what?! This is just ONE coat!!! Pretty great right!? I am really impressed with this polish. Its a gorgeous color, has good formula, and a fun name. So far there are no issues spotted with this. Well other than the fact I really like it but still need to try more holiday colors! Hehehe!!!
Well thats it for this post guys! As for finding these I have a few online places I know of that I like to polish shop on that I know that they will have this beauty! :)

HB Beauty Bar   |   China Glaze

Hope you have enjoyed this and hopefully found some good information! :) I will talk to you all later! Be on the look out for the Black Friday - Cyber Monday post later today! 

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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