China Glaze Seas & Greeting | Partridge in a Palm Tree

Hello there guys! So I was really excited about this post. The name of he polish is perfect, the color is perfect, the formula seemed ok. Then however I ran into a major deal breaker.

This is Partridge in a Palm Tree from the new China Glaze Holiday line! I really love the color and the name! Its perfect, and so fun for something different. The formula was just ok. Its a bit on the thicker side which I usually like but this one is matte and dries so fast when you are using it. So You have to work quick other wise you'll get streaks. I then put on a shiny top coat because I wanted the shimmer to show through. Wore is for a full day and was just really loving the color. It was fun, and happy. Then last night though I took it off and was not a happy person. It stained SO bad. Honestly I can only even remember one other time my nails were stained this bad. They have a big green stain. I have a picture but its kind ewwy so I decided to leave the photo out. Oh I am so disappointed honestly. I really was loving this polish, but if I know a polish is going to stain I'm not likely to grab it very often.

I have since tried to help get rid of the stain, and now its left in a yellow state. So far I used a sugar scrub, cuticle remover, buffer, cuticle butter and nail polish remover. That did remove the green, and now like I said earlier, its yellow after all of that. I plan on using a mani bomb soon to help too. 

The whole removal and finding a stain has really bummed me out. Polish wise the color, name, and all I liked a lot, the after effects tho aren't a good enough trade off for me. Well that's it for today. Hopefully you have found this bit of information informative. Currently I am working on putting together a post of and Black Friday - Cyber Monday sales ya'll maybe interested in. If there is a certain brand you are wanting to know about let me know in the comments below and I will try and see what I can find out for you. :) Hope you all have a FABULOUS day, and I will see you tomorrow!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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