China Glaze Seas & Greeting | Good Tide-ings

Hello there! Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving, and stayed safe in your shoppings! A lot of good sales are still going on and you can check out info on a lot here. Today I am sharing another one of the new China Glaze polishes from the new Seas & Greeting collection. so lets check it out!

This is Good Tide-ings from the new China Glaze collection! First off that name is so cute! I mean really all of the names for this line have been on point! This polish has a great formula to go with that name too. I was a bit nervous because the bottle didn't seem to me mixed well, even after rolling it and such too. I typically wouldn't use one that looked like it did in the bottle let alone buy it. However in this case I knew it was a brand new polish, because its a new release and the store had just put them out on the shelves. So that made it justifiable I think, along with the fact it came in the set I was buying any way. Haha!! So back to the formula, I was super impressed! It only needed one coat and that was awesome in my opinion.

As for finding these I have a few online places I know of that I like to polish shop on that I know that they will have this beauty! :) Also I now have a promo code for y'all over on HB Beauty Bar, you can use 25sweatpeas for 15% off your entire order!

HB Beauty Bar   |   China Glaze

Well thats it guys! Hope you have enjoyed this post, and hopefully you are enjoying your weekend! Will be back tomorrow with another polish from this line, because ya know a splurge is ok every now and then right?!

Happy Weekend!

~ 25 Sweetpeas


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