China Glaze Seas & Greeting | Joy to the Waves

Hello there! So how has everyone been? Anyone binge watch Gilmore Girls over the weekend? I did Friday night till like 2 something am, then finished the rest Saturday morning before heading out to a Gilmore Girls event! :) It was fun! Anywayyyyy..... Today I have a really pretty new China Glaze on!

This is two easy coats of Joy to the Waves by China Glaze, and its pretty fun if I do say so! At first with one coat I didn't think I would like it but that second coat really makes it into such a fun color. :) Really neat and I don't not have one like this at all that I can think of.

Its really neat and unique. I couldn't really think of any type of holiday art for this one because it was just so neat to look at alone. Maybe I will come up with something else later tho! Well thats it for today! I now have a promo code for y'all over on HB Beauty Bar, you can use 25sweatpeas for 15% off your entire order!

HB Beauty Bar   |   China Glaze

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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