China Glazes Sea & Greeting | Let's Shell-ebrate

 Hello there loves! So Thanksgiving week is here! :) I'm pretty excited because I can do Christmas Manis with out having to have a "reason" hehe! PLUS I can finally decorate my blog, since this week I hope to share some posts to help with your holiday shopping, ya know since Black Friday is this week and all. :) Ah. so first up I'm gonna try and finish up the new China Glazes I bought a few weeks ago. Lets get into it!

Meet Let's Shell-ebrate! First off, that name!!! I love it, so much!! I mean really any beach reference is something I'm gonna like. :) I'm a beach lover so of course. So this is basically a topper, however here I kinda just went for it, and actually got this look in just 2 coats. I'm really like it. Its fun and different, very holiday party like!

As you can see in this macro there is a wide variety of glitters going on here. :) I am loving it.

Well thats it for this post guys! As for finding these I have a few online places I know of that I like to polish shop on that I know that they will have this beauty! :)

HB Beauty Bar   |   China Glaze

Hope you have enjoyed this look at this new beauty! Also let me know what you think of the new Holiday blog look! I am loving it so so much! I kinda snuck it up this weekend just because it seemed appropriate. The posts are already Christmassy so why not go all out. Plus I designed the new look a few weeks ago and its been SOOO hard to keep it saved in some folder. Hehe!! Well I hope you are having a FABULOUS Monday, just think... Its almost time to be thankful and eat some good food while your at it! :) Oh and the Macys Day Parade will be on. Ahh, holiday traditions! 

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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