Happy Thanksgiving | 2016

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Now I know not everyone celebrates this, but we do so I wanted to do some nails for Thanksgiving. Plus last year I had fun doing Snoopy nails so I thought I would do some more! :)

Snoopy Nail Art

After searching "Snoopy Thanksgiving" on Pinterest I then came up with this look. Different from last years yet same Snoopy theme which is kind of fun! If you want to see last years you can here. I will be honest I was a bit hesitant to go with the same theme in fear of not pulling it off, however I had people encouraging me to go ahead and I finally just did it. I am so glad I did too, because these were soooo fun! All of it was free handed, most details were done with acrylic paint, and the base being Takko Lacquer Guava. Overall I am pretty happy with this mani and I am really enjoying them.

Snoopy Nail Art

Also since its Thanksgiving... I want to say thank you to all of you! I appreciate every like, comment, and view so much. Its crazy to think there are people out there that like looking at nails so often, and I am so thankful there are. I love doing this and getting to get your reactions, and interactions its so fun. Its always something I look to working on, and with you guys as support I have been able to do things I never would of. That being said... Thank you so much for being you!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

~25 Sweetpeas


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