Monthly November Favorites

Wow, I know I say this all of the time but where in the world did the month go!? Like seriously this month went by fast. Well I say that but there were also times in some scenarios where it felt super long. Blogging wise and fun things and such it seemed short. I didn't really try too many new things but I got to do some fun things so I thought I would kinda chat with ya'll and share some pictures of those and just some fun art.

So Gilmore Girls came back this month for 4, 90 minute episodes. Im sure you knew about that. Well unless you live under a rock and never see the news! Hehe, I mean it was/ is a pretty big deal! It actually just came out last Friday AKA Black Friday! I wanted to start it at like midnight on Thursday but Netflix didn't release it until 3am Pacific time so I just slept! Ha!! Then watched Winter and Spring and part of Fall on Friday night until about 2 and then finished the rest Saturday morning before heading out for a fun Gilmore Girls event! One of my favorite shops in Saint Augustine decided to have a little Stars Hollow event! How fun right?!

There was a Donut wall, along with candies and pop tarts to have along side some "Lukes" coffee! In addition to that there were shirts, mug, and candles to go along with the Gilmore Girls things! It was so neat, and cool to see so many people there for a Gilmore Girl event. Its almost one of those things where you are like whoa there are other people like me!!! Hahaha! It was neat. So with out giving anything away? What did you all think of the 4 episodes? I feel like it was finally getting more normal towards the end. Plus I feel like there were a few spots that were almost just fillers? Anyone else? Overall tho I liked it! It was neat to see everyone! Also um I'm still #teamjess I mean all it took for Rory to get things together was a few minutes with Jess. So way to go Jess!! Haha!

This is the shop it was at! Declaration & Co. its such a nice store and they have beautiful things! Its in Saint Augustine if you are ever in that area you should check it out! Also the cupcake place across the street has some yummy treats! Oh and they even have a little photo booth for your cupcake! It was so cute, sad thing was I didn't notice it until my cupcake was half gone. :( 

Now November marked the time it became acceptable to paint Christmasy nails SO I did some fun festive nails! I was standing in line at Target and they have this cute little Walrus with Candy canes in his mouth on a gift card! I took a picture and then recreated! It was just too cute!!! We will just call Mr. Walrus from Target. :) Hahaha!!! The base color is Irezumi by Takko Lacquer. Love this blue!

Well I know that wasn't much of a favorites post but November was weird so it seemed fitting to have a weird favorites too! Hehe! I barely got to work on my book this month, but I am hoping to turn that around! I have been really getting into it when I do find the time! I just wish I had more time! If you need/want to check it out you can here.

Enjoy the last few hours of November!

~25 Sweetpeas


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