China Glaze Oldie but a Goody | Glittering Garland

Hello there loves! Hope you are having a nice week thus far! So todays post is a swatch however its not of a new polish. Its basically an older polish that I've had pre my blogging days so I don't think its ever had "its own" post. That being said I hope to start putting out more posts like this. Kinda going with the title name of "Oldie but a Goody".  :) Plus this polish is being used in an upcoming post so I thought it would be logical to share the swatch photo first?! Wheeew, I said that all really fast in my mind but guess ya'll didn't pick that up via just reading it eh? Anyway lets get going!

This is 2 coats of Glittering Garland! Super pretty and festive dark green perfect for Christmas. Fun fact this is from the 2011 China Glaze Let it Snow collection! Its pretty old I guess for a polish when you think about how many are released in a year! I do have to say this one is gorgeous, and still as good as it was when it came out. It was one I got kinda at the start of the polish obsession. :) Ahh,  that was one of the first Christmases where I mainly wanted polish, and well its been that way ever sense. :)

There is just something so nice about this green. Its got a great balance of everything to it and the green is one of those perfect green shades. Well thats it for today guys! I will see you back here tomorrow!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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