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Hello, and good morning! Hope you all have had an enjoyable weekend. :) My nights were filled with polish, and music which was nice. :) Can't beat some alone time with polish, and music. Oh and I've been reading one of those books I posted about last week and OH MY!!! SOOO GOOD! I don't know the last time I read a series this good seriously. :) Any way, enough about that, how about a look at THREE polish new Pretty Beautiful polishes. ;)

First up Holiday Cider which is just gorgeous. I have a feeling I will repeating that line many times over the next few days because well, it seems to be true for this whole line!! This one is a lovely bronze with holiday red glitter. Its perfect and the name goes with it perfectly! Actually a fun thing about these names is that Virginia let people in her Facebook Book group suggest names and then she chose her favorite. How fun is that!

The formula was great! Only 2 super nice and easy coats. Plus I just cant get over how pretty it is. So festive and happy. Bronze, red, holo, I mean how can ya go wrong right?

Couldn't resist sharing some macros too.

Lovely right?

Next up is Christmas Spirit which is a topper! I put it on top of silver because it has silvery holos/glitters and I am so glad I did because it looks awesome. All of the colors within the polish just pop on a silver base which makes it all the more fun. :)

As for how many coats... Its a topper you just base it on how much glitter you want. :) I did about 1 thick coat, and was pleased. It goes on evenly and you don't have to "fish". :) I love this type of topper because you could/can literally wear it on any color just to liven up a creme. Plus its not "definite" Christmas since it has such a variety of colors. :)

Love macros of glitter! Then again who wouldn't. ;)

For some reason, what reason I don't know, it reminded me of opening presents on Christmas morning. Ya know like at 8am. ;) Ok so maybe not 8 any more, its kinda more like 9am. However the waking up process starts at 7 right?! Hehe ;) I think Christmas morning is the only morning I can actually get my brother to wake up voluntarily on the first try. :)

Last swatch for this post! This beauty is Pink Bunny Pajamas! First off this polish is super pretty and secondly that name!! I love the fact there is a polish in a Christmas line relating to PJ's how great is that! In our house for as long as I can remember we have always gotten new PJs on Christmas Eve so that we all wake up in new PJs on Christmas morning for presents. Then the hard debate for the Christmas is do we make it a PJ day and wear our new PJs all day, or do we wear new clothes. :) Ahh, only if that was the hardest decision everyday right?! ;)

So this lovely pink only needed 2 coats. It is what I would describe as a crelly which is always fun. Especially with all of the glitters that can be found in this polish. I mean every time I look at it I think I see something I hadn't noticed before. Hehe!!

Now just love at that shape variation! How fun!!

Love the pink with those green glitters. Now its making me wish I had painted a green Christmas tree on top.

So since that topper reminded me of opening presents I made it into a present. ;)

Well thats it for today, hope you have enjoyed this post and my little Christmas stories. :) I am so in love with all of these new Christmas colors! Virginia sure has put together some FABULOUS colors!!

For all things Pretty Beautiful check out all of the links below! These release on November 12th  at 11am CT. :) Ya'll won't want to miss this. 


Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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